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Title: Remind Me!
Digital Tool: Remind
Digital Tool Description: Remind is an easy communication service that allows teachers to send mass text messages to students and parents to remind them of upcoming events, projects, homework assignments and to alert them of any information or updates. This management tool can also be used as a learning asset to engage students by sending photos, quotes or simple clues of an upcoming social studies lesson on a historical figure.

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Title: Build Typing Skills
Digital Tool: BBC Dance Mat Typing
Digital Tool Description: BBC Dance Mat Typing provides an interactive typing site for teaching elementary students typing skills. The program is broken down into learning two letters at a time. Students watch a video on the letters that they are learning and then the students are able to apply what they have learned.

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Title: Dear Junie B...Advice for First Grade
Digital Tool: Letter Generator
Digital Tool Description: The Letter Generator Tool guides students through the process of creating a friendly or business style letter that looks professional and is formatted correctly. 

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