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Title: How to Use Google Classroom
Digital Tool: About Classroom from Google Support
Digital Tool Description: This informational website and video clip will provide teachers with instructions to set up a virtual Google Classroom and demonstrate how students will join the virtual classroom. Additionally, this digital tool will show how the teacher can create assignments and provide feedback through this online platform. 

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Title: Comparing and Contrasting
Digital Tool: Venn Diagram
Digital Tool Description: The Venn diagram app allows students to compare and contrast any topic. The diagram can then be saved to the camera roll on the iPad as well as emailed as a PDF file.

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Title: Tell the Story
Digital Tool: Storykit IPad app
Digital Tool Description: The Storykit app allows users to create stories using their own pictures, words and text.

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Title: StoryBird
Digital Tool: Storybird
Digital Tool Description: Storybird is a website where you can create and publish books that you write. The site has many illustrations that you can use with the book that you have written. You can also read other people’s creations and give feedback on them. You can also receive feedback from other people about your creations. Storybird can be used in writing and teaching the students about technology. It can expand the students’ creativity by giving them a chance to create something that is all their own and publish it. This will also get students excited about reading and writing.

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Title: Plants 101
Digital Tool: Voicethread
Digital Tool Description: A Voicethread is a media tool that allows users to create a media board. The application allows users to add images, text, recordings, and videos. The Voicethreads can also be shared for other users of Voicethread to view and add comments. Students will use Voicethread to design a media board. Students will add pictures of plant structures such as: root, stem, leaves, and flowers. Students will then add pictures of each plant structure along with a description of the structures function. The Voicethread will be used as an assessment of the students understanding of the plants structures functions. 

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Title: A Walk in Their Shoes: Exploring the Underground Railroad
Digital Tool: The Underground Railroad: The Journey
Digital Tool Description: In this interactive tool, students are presented with real life situations that a slave might have faced when attempting to escape on the Underground Railroad. In these situations, students must decide if yes they would or no they wouldn't go forth with the options presented to them. Students are introduced to multiple people who were instrumental in the success of the Underground Railroad, such as Harriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett, Frederick Douglas, and Susan B. Anthony. If followed all the way thorough, students will conclude their journey in Canada as free citizens. 

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Title: Journey to the Center of the Earth Meets the Internet
Digital Tool: Weebly
Digital Tool Description: Weebly is a great technological tool that allows the user to design their own website. This tool is great for students because it introduces them to the technological aspects of web design. It allows the user to design the website with various themes to choose from. The site also allows the user to add photos, videos, and other audio players to their website. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can also be linked to the website. Webpages for the site can also be created and managed to include blogs and comments about anything the user desires.

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Title: My Number Thoughts
Digital Tool: ABCya WordCloud
Digital Tool Description: This word cloud generator will provide an engagement activity for ALEX Lesson # 32258 It's Number Time. This online word cloud generator is appropriate for second grade students.

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Title: Fun with Word Clouds
Digital Tool: Tagxedo
Digital Tool Description: Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

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