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Title: How Far Will It Go?
Digital Tool: Forces in Action
Digital Tool Description: The Forces in Action interactive simulator utilizes a truck,  a sloped track, weights and parachutes to allow students to conduct an investigation of how the forces of friction, gravity, and mass impact the distance the truck will travel. The students follow the directions at the top of the activity window to explore the different activities utilizing parachutes for friction, weights for mass, and slope for gravity. The students record the distance for each run the truck makes down the track, with the different objects in and on the truck, in the included results table. The students will analyze and interpret the data from their table and share the results with the class.

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Title: Making Inanimate Objects Talk
Digital Tool: ChatterPix Kids app
Digital Tool Description: Using any image from your device camera roll, draw a mouth and record informational text to produce a fun, informative, short video. The app is appropriate for ages 5-95. No account is required and work can be exported to the device camera roll. Once the app is installed on the device, no internet connection is required. 

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Title: Parts of Speech
Digital Tool: Sparklefish
Digital Tool Description: This educational app is a Mad libs type story creation game to reinforce parts of speech knowledge. 

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Title: Comparing and Contrasting
Digital Tool: Venn Diagram
Digital Tool Description: The Venn diagram app allows students to compare and contrast any topic. The diagram can then be saved to the camera roll on the iPad as well as emailed as a PDF file.

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Title: Build Typing Skills
Digital Tool: BBC Dance Mat Typing
Digital Tool Description: BBC Dance Mat Typing provides an interactive typing site for teaching elementary students typing skills. The program is broken down into learning two letters at a time. Students watch a video on the letters that they are learning and then the students are able to apply what they have learned.

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Title: Just a Reminder
Digital Tool: remind101
Digital Tool Description: With remind101, you can alert parents and students to current assignments and events or send at a later date.  It's private, so parents never see your number and you can add up to 10 classes or groups.  Students can use it to alert their peers of group related assignments as well.

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Title: Recreate a Book Cover!
Digital Tool: Book Cover Creator
Digital Tool Description: This tool, located on, can be a useful resource for students. Students can create their own book covers. Students can create a front book cover, a full  dust jacket, or a front and back cover. Students can “draw” their own pictures and can add text to the covers. This tool is relatively easy for students to use, and would be a good tool for any grade.

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Title: Extra Extra Read All About It!
Digital Tool: ReadWriteThink Printing Press
Digital Tool Description: ReadWriteThink Printing Press offers four different ways for students to publish their writing.

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