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Title: How to Use Google Classroom
Digital Tool: About Classroom from Google Support
Digital Tool Description: This informational website and video clip will provide teachers with instructions to set up a virtual Google Classroom and demonstrate how students will join the virtual classroom. Additionally, this digital tool will show how the teacher can create assignments and provide feedback through this online platform. 

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Title: Minecraft Building
Digital Tool: Minecraft
Digital Tool Description: Minecraft is a tool where students can demonstrate their knowledge and creativity by building their own virtual world, and keep a journal where they discuss their character, setting, and specific details that have taken place inside their digital world.

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Title: Making Inanimate Objects Talk
Digital Tool: ChatterPix Kids app
Digital Tool Description: Using any image from your device camera roll, draw a mouth and record informational text to produce a fun, informative, short video. The app is appropriate for ages 5-95. No account is required and work can be exported to the device camera roll. Once the app is installed on the device, no internet connection is required. 

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Title: Comparing and Contrasting
Digital Tool: Venn Diagram
Digital Tool Description: The Venn diagram app allows students to compare and contrast any topic. The diagram can then be saved to the camera roll on the iPad as well as emailed as a PDF file.

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Title: The Whipping Boy Word Cloud
Digital Tool: Wordle
Digital Tool Description: This is an interactive website that allows students to generate a word cloud with text provided. The clouds give greater importance to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

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Title: Glog About It!
Digital Tool: Glogster
Digital Tool Description: Glogster allows users to create virtual posters by adding text, web links, videos, photos, animations, etc., to a "glog." Teachers can add students and access their accounts to see and grade their glogs.

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Title: Trail of Tears in American History
Digital Tool: National Park Service DVD of Trail of Tears
Digital Tool Description: This video can be used as an introduction into the study of the Trail of Tears. It will provide students with a connection to how the Native Americans must have felt during the Cherokee Indian removal when the Native Americans were forced to move westward from Southeastern United States.

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Title: Become a Sailor in the 19th Century
Digital Tool: A Sailor's Life for Me- Interactive Game
Digital Tool Description: A Sailor's Life for Me is an interactive game to help teach students what life was like aboard a 19th century sailing ship.  Students must answer a series of questions to see if they could be sailors, they must purchase their clothing, and survive the voyage.

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Title: Interactive Plot Diagram
Digital Tool: Plot Diagram
Digital Tool Description: This organizational tool for grades K-12 uses the plot diagram pyramid to map events in a story.  You can choose beginning, middle, and end for younger learners or exposition, climax, and resolution for older learners.  The mapping tool allows readers to recreate a story you have taught in class, or writers to map out the ideas for an original piece. 

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