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Title: Comparing and Contrasting
Digital Tool: Venn Diagram
Digital Tool Description: The Venn diagram app allows students to compare and contrast any topic. The diagram can then be saved to the camera roll on the iPad as well as emailed as a PDF file.

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Title: Research Crossword Puzzle
Digital Tool: Symbaloo
Digital Tool Description: Symbaloo is a personal desktop that allows one to keep all of his or her favorite sites in one, easy to use space. Students will use their personal symbaloo account to direct them to research sites to find answers to the questions to the puzzle.

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Title: Point of View of the American Revolution
Digital Tool: Edmodo
Digital Tool Description: Students will use Edmodo to post their opinions on the American Revolution, such as what the significant causes of the American Revolution were and how the American Revolution could have been avoided. Students will describe the events that led to the American Revolution on Edmodo.

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Title: Interdependence: How are we connected?
Digital Tool: National Geographic Global Closet Calculator
Digital Tool Description: The Global Closet Calculator is an interactive tool that allows students to see how we are connected to other countries through the use of resources. The first part of the interactive shows students how their clothes connect them globally. In the second part, the students will have to make critical decisions as they follow the journey of making a pair of blue jeans or an MP3 player.

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Title: Recreate a Book Cover!
Digital Tool: Book Cover Creator
Digital Tool Description: This tool, located on, can be a useful resource for students. Students can create their own book covers. Students can create a front book cover, a full  dust jacket, or a front and back cover. Students can “draw” their own pictures and can add text to the covers. This tool is relatively easy for students to use, and would be a good tool for any grade.

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