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Title: How to Use Google Classroom
Digital Tool: About Classroom from Google Support
Digital Tool Description: This informational website and video clip will provide teachers with instructions to set up a virtual Google Classroom and demonstrate how students will join the virtual classroom. Additionally, this digital tool will show how the teacher can create assignments and provide feedback through this online platform. 

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Title: Zoo Summer Camp Mystery
Digital Tool: K-2 Digital Breakout
Digital Tool Description: This activity is a digital breakout to enhance a unit with animal standards or for classes that have a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo. It can be used before or after the field trip or during the unit. It is an activity that will build collaborative and critical thinking. It can be used as a whole group activity for K-2 classrooms or for teachers/classrooms that are not familiar to digital breakouts. It can be an activity for small groups in K-5 rooms if students are familiar with digital breakouts.  This Learning Activity was created in partnership with the Birmingham Zoo. 

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Title: What's the Difference?
Digital Tool: Edmodo
Digital Tool Description: Edmodo is a social media tool used in the classroom. Teachers can create accounts and add students to specific groups. The group leader can assign homework, quizzes, or send out reminders, and students are allowed to post to the teacher’s wall and turn in assignments. This lesson will use Edmodo to assign a group podcast. The students will be using Podomatic to upload their podcasts. Podomatic allows students to record, upload, and edit their podcasts.   

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Title: The Many Themes of Prezi-tations
Digital Tool: Prezi
Digital Tool Description: Prezi is cloud-based presentation creation tool, meaning you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. 

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Title: Point of View of the American Revolution
Digital Tool: Edmodo
Digital Tool Description: Students will use Edmodo to post their opinions on the American Revolution, such as what the significant causes of the American Revolution were and how the American Revolution could have been avoided. Students will describe the events that led to the American Revolution on Edmodo.

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Title: Kids Teaching Kids
Digital Tool: MathTrain
Digital Tool Description: Mathtrain.TV is a free, educational "kids teaching kids" project. There are different video channels for every subject. You can make an account for the class for free but you do not need an account just to view videos. You can upload a video once you make an account. There are teacher-created videos and student-created videos. Students and teachers can create these through their computers or iPads. Children love watching other children's work. Watching other kids' projects helps students better understand the content.

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Title: Interactive Presentations!
Digital Tool: Nearpod
Digital Tool Description: Nearpod is an interactive presentation that a teacher or student can download and create. "Create, Engage, Assess'. There are many possibilities with this tool. 

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Title: Fast answering and Furious questioning
Digital Tool: iBrainstorm
Digital Tool Description: iBrainstorm is a tool used to help with organization skills, planning, sharing, drawing and remembering important ideas. This tool can be used to help the teacher and the students become more efficient with timing. The tool will be used during lessons to help the teacher and students understand each other. This tool will be used when students have questions for the teacher during group or individual assignments. This allows the teacher to reply to each students questions quickly without having the distraction of students walking around or waiting for the teacher to come to their desk.   

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Title: Infuse Story Sequences
Digital Tool: InfuseLearning
Digital Tool Description: InfuseLearning is a web-based student response system that allows teachers to create assessments either prior to class sessions or spontaneously during a lesson. The assessments can be administered in several formats. Some of which include multiple choice, true or false, sort in order, and open ended text answers. The Sort in Order quiz will be used for this learning asset to assess student understanding of story content and structure. 

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Title: Educreating a Disaster Plan
Digital Tool: Educreations
Digital Tool Description: Educreations allows you to create and record lessons for students to view independently.  In addition, it give students a creative media they can use to prepare presentations for their teachers and classmates.

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Title: Untangling the Web
Digital Tool: Doodle Splash
Digital Tool Description: Doodle Splash is an online interactive that allows students to incorporate their drawings with their writing.  This site allows them to visualize their ideas and prompts them to write about those ideas.

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