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Title: Safe Side of the Internet
Digital Tool: Padlet
Digital Tool Description: Padlet is an online digital bulletin board. The teacher will pose an open question or topic about online safety and elicit student responses to create a wall poster.   Using Padlet, students will post three ways to stay safe while online.

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Title: How to Create a Safe Online Profile
Digital Tool: Profile Publisher
Digital Tool Description: Using the interactive tool Profile Publisher, students (grades 6-12) will create a printed social networking profile for a fictional character, a historical figure, an inanimate object, etc. to demonstrate their understanding of the appropriate and safe content for an online profile.

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Title: Tailor Your Teaching with Today's Meet
Digital Tool: Today's Meet
Digital Tool Description: This is a live stream chat, where students can ask questions and leave comments. Teachers can use the comments and questions to tailor their teaching on the spot to meet student needs. Students can also respond to one another, creating a live learning community. A temporary room can be set up that will automatically delete in a set time frame. 

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Title: Social Media Responsibility
Digital Tool: #Virtue: A Special Report on Social Media Responsibility
Digital Tool Description: This Taking Action Special Report done by a local news station focuses on the importance of teaching students social media responsibility. This informative video includes accounts from local students and candid stories from teens about how social media affects their lives.  This video will be used to introduce students to the potential pitfalls of the unsafe uses of social media.

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Title: Teaching Students to Think Before You Post
Digital Tool: You Tube Video titled the same.
Digital Tool Description: This video promoted by the Ad Council is designed to make teens aware of the potential dangers of sharing and posting personal information online and communicating with unfamiliar people.

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Title: Safebook
Digital Tool: ReadWriteThink Tool
Digital Tool Description: ReadWriteThink profile is an interactive profile for students to learn how to create a safe online profile.    

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Title: Stop Cyberbullying
Digital Tool: On-line Interactive Website
Digital Tool Description: Infinity Interactive Learning Lab provides a interactive training site for teaching them how to prevent cyber bullying to students. Students watch a video and apply the concepts they have learned.

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