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Title: Bullying
Digital Tool: A Bullying Survey (Responses in
Digital Tool Description: This Bully survey allows students to use their experiences as a basis of understanding what constitutes anti-social behavior so they can cease the behavior or get adult assistance if needed.

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Title: Digital Art Project Resource Page
Digital Tool: S'more Flyer- Digital Art Projects
Digital Tool Description: This online flyer was created as a graphics resource for a digital art project. The flyer contains photos and examples that students may use when creating their digital art projects.

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Title: Exploring and Understanding Copyright
Digital Tool: Copyright Basics by Copyright Kids!
Digital Tool Description: This site includes important information about copyright. Explanations are given for the following topics: What is copyright, why is it important to me, which works are protected and which are not, who owns the copyright, what is copyright infringement, when do I need permission to copy, how long does copyright protection last, how to obtain copyright protection and when and how do you register a copyright. Students will use the site to gain deeper understanding of copyright in literature, music, art, the theater, motion pictures, and other forms of intellectual property. 

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Title: Creating Vine Videos About the 7 Habits
Digital Tool: Podcast About Creating Vine Videos
Digital Tool Description: Six second video can be fun to create and watch. All you need is a smartphone or other mobile device to get started. This podcast offers six tips for making your videos AWESOME! It also offers a challenge to students to create a 6 six second video about the "7 Habits". 

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Title: Social Media Responsibility
Digital Tool: #Virtue: A Special Report on Social Media Responsibility
Digital Tool Description: This Taking Action Special Report done by a local news station focuses on the importance of teaching students social media responsibility. This informative video includes accounts from local students and candid stories from teens about how social media affects their lives.  This video will be used to introduce students to the potential pitfalls of the unsafe uses of social media.

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Title: A Day of Infamy
Digital Tool: Video of President Roosevelt's Speech
Digital Tool Description: This tool can be used to introduce the reason the United States entered World War 2. It will provide the students with an actual video of President Roosevelt delivering his speech the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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