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Title: How to Use Google Classroom
Digital Tool: About Classroom from Google Support
Digital Tool Description: This informational website and video clip will provide teachers with instructions to set up a virtual Google Classroom and demonstrate how students will join the virtual classroom. Additionally, this digital tool will show how the teacher can create assignments and provide feedback through this online platform. 

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Title: Who's Who in Ancient Rome
Digital Tool: Animator App for iPad
Digital Tool Description: Animoto helps you create exciting videos from photos and video clips. 

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Title: Let's Collaborate with Notability
Digital Tool: Notability
Digital Tool Description: It's time to move beyond stacks of paper to something smaller, lighter, and more resourceful. Go paperless today: hand out, complete, collect, and grade assignments with Notability. Combined with GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or Box your workflow is natural and simple.

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Title: Digital Art Project Resource Page
Digital Tool: S'more Flyer- Digital Art Projects
Digital Tool Description: This online flyer was created as a graphics resource for a digital art project. The flyer contains photos and examples that students may use when creating their digital art projects.

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Title: Creating Vine Videos About the 7 Habits
Digital Tool: Podcast About Creating Vine Videos
Digital Tool Description: Six second video can be fun to create and watch. All you need is a smartphone or other mobile device to get started. This podcast offers six tips for making your videos AWESOME! It also offers a challenge to students to create a 6 six second video about the "7 Habits". 

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Title: Tailor Your Teaching with Today's Meet
Digital Tool: Today's Meet
Digital Tool Description: This is a live stream chat, where students can ask questions and leave comments. Teachers can use the comments and questions to tailor their teaching on the spot to meet student needs. Students can also respond to one another, creating a live learning community. A temporary room can be set up that will automatically delete in a set time frame. 

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Title: Just a Reminder
Digital Tool: remind101
Digital Tool Description: With remind101, you can alert parents and students to current assignments and events or send at a later date.  It's private, so parents never see your number and you can add up to 10 classes or groups.  Students can use it to alert their peers of group related assignments as well.

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Title: Social Media Responsibility
Digital Tool: #Virtue: A Special Report on Social Media Responsibility
Digital Tool Description: This Taking Action Special Report done by a local news station focuses on the importance of teaching students social media responsibility. This informative video includes accounts from local students and candid stories from teens about how social media affects their lives.  This video will be used to introduce students to the potential pitfalls of the unsafe uses of social media.

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Title: Infograms: Show Your Data!
Digital Tool: Infogram
Digital Tool Description: Infogram allows you to easily take data and create infographics. Use charts as well as pictures to display data into an easy to read and understand and attractive digital poster that can be displayed alone or embedded into a website.

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Title: Digital Disasters
Digital Tool: Animoto App for iPad
Digital Tool Description: Animoto helps you create extraordinary videos from your photos, video clips, words and music through an iPad or iPhone.

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Title: Stop Cyberbullying
Digital Tool: On-line Interactive Website
Digital Tool Description: Infinity Interactive Learning Lab provides a interactive training site for teaching them how to prevent cyber bullying to students. Students watch a video and apply the concepts they have learned.

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