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Title: Literary Scrapbooking
Digital Tool: Picstitch
Digital Tool Description: Picstitch allows you to create digital collages from your photos along with text and special effects.

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Title: Math Lesson Performance
Digital Tool: Cute CUT
Digital Tool Description: CuteCUT is a video creation app.  You can import your video and do all of your work in one place. The interface seems to be directed more toward students with a little different look to it from most video apps. Unique here is the ability to choose a portrait or landscape orientation for your project.  Students or adults using this app will get basic editing skills for movies, pictures and sound. They will like the video tutorials included in the app. An easy interface will help the learning curve that comes with this app.

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Title: Presenting....Digital Citizenship through Infographics
Digital Tool: Piktochart
Digital Tool Description: Piktochart is one of many programs that makes it easy for teachers to integrate literacy and technology standards into any lesson.  Visual learners love the way that infographics seem to make data easier to digest.  Infographics are very helpful when a teacher wants to 'chunk' a lesson in to smaller units.  'Chunking' is a method for grouping and organizing information to make it easier to comprehend and remember.  Piktochart can be used to display and present a large amount of information in a visually appealing way.    

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Title: Using Smore to Create Digital 'How-To' Guides
Digital Tool: Smore
Digital Tool Description: Smore is a digital flyer creator.  Once a digital flyer is created with Smore, the user can share the flyer with social media sites, email a link or embed the flyer into a webpage.

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Title: Remembering 9-11
Digital Tool: Make Beliefs Comix
Digital Tool Description: Make Beliefs Comix is a cartoon strip creator on which students create original cartoons.

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Title: Left Brain versus Right Brain: Brain Hemispheric Dominance Infographic
Digital Tool:
Digital Tool Description: is an online collaboration web tool that allows users to creatively work together. It allows the organization of information and an easy way to create infographics.

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Title: Disaster Awareness PSA
Digital Tool: iMovie App for iPad
Digital Tool Description: iMovie is a moviemaking app that allows students to make beautiful HD movies anywhere with everything they need to tell a digital story through an iPad or iPhone.

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