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Title: Preschool Counting Practice
Digital Tool: Counting Cookies - Learn to Count Numbers 1234
Digital Tool Description: This video will be another tool to help Kindergarten and Preschool students who are beginning to learn to count. The first video emphasizes counting 1-4 with a cookie theme. It has lots of repetition and clearly shows 1 to 1 correspondence. The second video graphically represents counting 1-5 with turtles swimming under water.

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Title: Counting Kindergarteners
Digital Tool: Toontastic
Digital Tool Description: This tool will allow students to become actively engaged in lessons by creating their own video that corresponds with topics of the lesson.  The students will work in groups collaboratively to produce their short video.  This tool can be used with any content area.

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Title: Whiteboard Collaborative Draw
Digital Tool: Whiteboard Collaborative Draw App
Digital Tool Description: ›Whiteboard Collaborative Draw is a FREE app that is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and any Android device.    ›This app contains features that are just like a real whiteboard in the classroom.  These include: drawing on any photo that is saved to your device, save your drawings to your device, changing the markers transparency, a full spectrum color picker, and better drawing quality. This app can be used to help students learn how to solve fractions while remianing engaged during the entire lesson.  This app allows students to work on a problem at their desk on their own devices.  It allows students to draw, erase, and solve the problem.  By using this app to keep the students engaged they will in turn learn the material at hand without even realizing it!

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