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Title: Eye Spy Shapes
Digital Tool: Skitch
Digital Tool Description: This tool allows students to apply what they have learned about geometric shapes in a creative way.  Students will use the application Skitch to take photos of geometric shapes represented in real world items.  Then the students will use the drawing portion of the application to create new shapes inside of the real world items that they have found.  

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Title: Exploring Quadrilaterals
Digital Tool: Nearpod
Digital Tool Description: Nearpod is a learning tool teachers can use to help create PowerPoint slides that keep the students engaged. It provides ways for the teachers to access their students to see if they are learning the information through interactive drawing, class polls, and quizzes.

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Title: Nonagon/Podcasting Tool
Digital Tool: Video/Wiki
Digital Tool Description: The nonagon video serves to introduce geometric figures. It is part of a larger site on podcasting complete with scripts and links if students would like to create a podcast after learning about geometry. Other family night podcasts: Full version of Nonagon with puppet intro explaining various shapes.  

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