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Subject: Mathematics (3 - 4)
Title: Multiplying Turtle
Description: A woman narrates the steps of two digit by two digit multiplication. It is a slideshow.  This turtle method is an interesting and fun method for kids to learn double digit multiplication. 

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Subject: Mathematics (4 - 6)
Title: Technology in Math (Small Group/Centers)
Description: Tenmarks is a free web resource for math. In addition, educators can create accounts for students in which students can  access the site 24/7. Tenmarks is design for students in grades second though tenth grades. Tenmarks provides a multiple choice styles of questions for students. Tenmarks allows teachers to personlize instruction for students whether they are below, on, or above grade level in math. In addition, tenmarks is great for small group instruction, centers, and intervention. It provides indivdualize data for students and is a good tool to measure mastery of standards for testing and content knowledge.

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