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Title: SMART Math
Digital Tool: XL Learning
Digital Tool Description: XL is an interactive website for grades K-12 and covers many subject areas. Teachers can access this website and view different tools, games, and ideas about how to use interactive games when teaching different subjects. Teachers can access the site to locate different fraction games according to how in depth the students have progressed.

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Title: Fraction animation.
Digital Tool: Stop Animation by Stop Motion Studio
Digital Tool Description: This digital tool will allow teachers to check for understanding by having students create their own educational videos based on the lesson content just received. The students can use the app to make a short video re-teaching the introductory lesson on creating equivalent fractions in their own creative way using a stop animation program. With this they can get creative, think outside the box, and discover new methods to explain the concepts.

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Title: Can IXL at Math?
Digital Tool: IXL- Grade 4 Fractions Q
Digital Tool Description: This is a paid membership site, linked to CCRS where students can practice problem solving and computation as parents and teachers monitor students progress using multiple levels of reports.

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Title: Interactive Fraction Comparisons
Digital Tool: Illuminations:Fraction Game
Digital Tool Description: This interactive game allows students to practice finding equivalent fractions, and adding fractions

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Title: Can Fractions be Equal?
Digital Tool: Simplifying Fractions
Digital Tool Description: This tool allows the participant to visually create two equivalent fractions based on the fraction provided. This can be used as an introduction since it allows you to determine your own fraction and construct models. You can also use it as a closing activity to check students understanding by asking them to construct a visual model.

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