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Title: Distributive Property with Variables
Digital Tool: IQ Learning Online
Digital Tool Description: Distributive Property with Variables is an interactive video that demonstrates the distributive property to the students. It can serve as a great introduction to the topic.

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Title: Learning the Distributive Property with Angry Birds
Digital Tool: Edpuzzle: Distributive Property- Angry Birds
Digital Tool Description: Edpuzzle is an interactive tool that demonstrates or shows students how to complete a task or to see how a task is performed in several different subjects. This video teaches students by the use of animations how to solve equations.

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Title: Hoppin' on the Number Line
Digital Tool: Numberline Frog: Hoppin' Below Zero!
Digital Tool Description: This paid iPad app has an interactive number line and cartoon frog that allows students to practice adding and subtracting integers on a number line. It is self checking so students get instant results on their progress.

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Digital Tool: ALGEBURST iPad App
Digital Tool Description: ALGEBURST Lite is a free game that improves mental math skills. It helps to simplify numeric and algebraic expressions. Play against the clock or at one's own pace to match tiles, explode bombs, and use Starburst and hypercubes to achieve a 3-star rating. Take on periodic challenges to improve accuracy and overall rating.

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