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Title: Adding & Subtracting Integers
Digital Tool: Integer Addition & Subtraction Music Video
Digital Tool Description: This video has a catchy beat that allows the students to remember the rules of integers more effectively.  I saw my students still singing this song at the end of the year during the state test to be able to work integer operations correctly.

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Title: Ten Marks Personalized Math
Digital Tool: Ten Marks
Digital Tool Description: Ten Marks provides multiple choice questions for students in 2nd grade through Geometry.  With a minimum of ten math subtopics per grade level, this tool can be used as an whole group or individual.  The teacher manages the assignments and is able to view individualized reports.  Students are guided through questions and have on screen access to audio/video instruction.  When the assignment is complete, students receive immediate feedback and explanations for review. Access is available 24 hours/day, seven days per week.

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