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Title: Are You Liked?
Digital Tool: Voki
Digital Tool Description: Voki is a creative, easy-to-use tool that helps motivate students and improves lesson comprehension and student participation.

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Title: Learning the Distributive Property with Angry Birds
Digital Tool: Edpuzzle: Distributive Property- Angry Birds
Digital Tool Description: Edpuzzle is an interactive tool that demonstrates or shows students how to complete a task or to see how a task is performed in several different subjects. This video teaches students by the use of animations how to solve equations.

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Title: Splash Those Variables Away
Digital Tool: Ker-Splash
Digital Tool Description: Ker-Splash is one of the interactive math games included in the NCTM's Calculation Nation. Students collect tokens with variable values and combine like terms. Math strategy is required, because each variable has a secret value that is not revealed until the end of the game.

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