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Subject: English Language Arts (K)
Title: Bugs Change Too!
Description: The Interactive Whiteboard will be used to project the story that will be read, engaging the students with a understanding of what happens in the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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Subject: English Language Arts (K)
Title: Give a mouse a cookie read-aloud
Description: Online Storytime is resource produced by Barnes & Noble available on their website or on YouTube. This tool would be used in the classroom as an interactive read-aloud which the students can listen to instead of the teacher reading the story aloud. This tool can also be used as a center for students to sit and listen to various stories on their devices or through other technology in the classroom. The use of this tool will enhance the standards by modeling prosody in the narrator's reading as well as engage students and keep them involved with the storyline.

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Subject: Technology Education (K - 2), English Language Arts (K - 2)
Title: Finding the Elements of a Story
Description: Elements of a Story is an interactive Web site where students can learn about different literary "ingredients" that make up a story. After watching and listening to an interactive version of "Cinderella," students will learn about various elements that are common to all stories: setting, characters, plot, exposition, conflict, climax, and resolution.

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