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Title: Character Expression Using the Three Little Pigs
Digital Tool:
Digital Tool Description: Students will use the character lineup strategy in collaborative groups to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs. Each group will be assigned a different character or emotion and then compare the differences between each group. Students will use five elements to express their character or emotion. This activity was created as a result of the Arts COS Resource Development Summit.

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Title: Fairy Tales
Digital Tool: Venn Diagram App
Digital Tool Description: The Venn Diagram app will be used after several fairy tales has been read.  Students will use the Venn Diagram app to compare and contrast the fairy tales.

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Title: Give a mouse a cookie read-aloud
Digital Tool: Online Storytime - Barnes & Noble (Accessed on YouTube)
Digital Tool Description: Online Storytime is resource produced by Barnes & Noble available on their website or on YouTube. This tool would be used in the classroom as an interactive read-aloud which the students can listen to instead of the teacher reading the story aloud. This tool can also be used as a center for students to sit and listen to various stories on their devices or through other technology in the classroom. The use of this tool will enhance the standards by modeling prosody in the narrator's reading as well as engage students and keep them involved with the storyline.

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Title: Interactive Plot Diagram
Digital Tool: Plot Diagram
Digital Tool Description: This organizational tool for grades K-12 uses the plot diagram pyramid to map events in a story.  You can choose beginning, middle, and end for younger learners or exposition, climax, and resolution for older learners.  The mapping tool allows readers to recreate a story you have taught in class, or writers to map out the ideas for an original piece. 

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