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Subject: Mathematics (1), Technology Education (3 - 5), English Language Arts (K - 1), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (1 - 3)
Title: Zoo Summer Camp Mystery
Description: This activity is a digital breakout to enhance a unit with animal standards or for classes that have a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo. It can be used before or after the field trip or during the unit. It is an activity that will build collaborative and critical thinking. It can be used as a whole group activity for K-2 classrooms or for teachers/classrooms that are not familiar to digital breakouts. It can be an activity for small groups in K-5 rooms if students are familiar with digital breakouts.  This Learning Activity was created in partnership with the Birmingham Zoo. 

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Subject: Social Studies (K), English Language Arts (K)
Title: Helpers in our Community
Description: Measuring student learning is an essential part of effective teaching.  Kahoot is a tool for creating digital assessments.  By using digital assessments in the classroom, teachers can meet the ISTE standard for teachers, design and develop digital age assessments.  In this learning asset, students will answer questions about community helpers using Kahoot.    To access Kahoot and create a digital assessment as a teacher use the link below For students to access the digital assessment created by the teacher use the link below    

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Subject: English Language Arts (K - 2)
Title: Interactive Character Scrapbooking
Description: The interactive "Character Scrapbook" is a great way to engage students and form a deeper understanding of a book's characters. This interactive activity allows students to create an image of the character being studied and identify and list important characteristic traits. 

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Subject: English Language Arts (K)
Title: Give a mouse a cookie read-aloud
Description: Online Storytime is resource produced by Barnes & Noble available on their website or on YouTube. This tool would be used in the classroom as an interactive read-aloud which the students can listen to instead of the teacher reading the story aloud. This tool can also be used as a center for students to sit and listen to various stories on their devices or through other technology in the classroom. The use of this tool will enhance the standards by modeling prosody in the narrator's reading as well as engage students and keep them involved with the storyline.

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Subject: English Language Arts (K - 1)
Title: We're Going On A Name Talk
Description: Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters… animals, monsters, etc. Your Voki can speak with your own voice which is added via microphone, upload, or phone. Voki lives on your blog, social network profile and will soon be integrated in various instant messaging platforms. You will also be able to download it to most video supported phones.

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