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Subject: English Language Arts (K), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (K)
Title: Body Alphabet Book: Digital Photography
Description: Students take photographs of themselves making the shapes of letters. They use the ear for the letter C, their mouth for the letter O, or use their entire body and their peer to create the letter B. Let students get creative and create the alphabet with their body. Compile all the letters into a digital alphabet book in which the students must guess which letter the students are trying to represent in the photograph.  This activity was created as a result of the DLCS COS Resource Development Summit.

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Subject: English Language Arts (K - 1)
Title: We're Going On A Name Talk
Description: Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters… animals, monsters, etc. Your Voki can speak with your own voice which is added via microphone, upload, or phone. Voki lives on your blog, social network profile and will soon be integrated in various instant messaging platforms. You will also be able to download it to most video supported phones.

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