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Title: Character Clouds
Digital Tool: TagCloud
Digital Tool Description: This tool allows users to create word clouds right from their iPad or iPhone.  

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Title: Interactive Character Scrapbooking
Digital Tool: Character Scrapbook
Digital Tool Description: The interactive "Character Scrapbook" is a great way to engage students and form a deeper understanding of a book's characters. This interactive activity allows students to create an image of the character being studied and identify and list important characteristic traits. 

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Title: Let's Make a Cartoon Story!
Digital Tool: Toontastic
Digital Tool Description: Toontastic is a fun animation app on iPad which can be used for educational purposes. With Toontastic you can create your very own cartoon story. The user has total control of the character selection, setting and story arc. 

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Title: Dear Junie B...Advice for First Grade
Digital Tool: Letter Generator
Digital Tool Description: The Letter Generator Tool guides students through the process of creating a friendly or business style letter that looks professional and is formatted correctly. 

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Title: Interactive Plot Diagram
Digital Tool: Plot Diagram
Digital Tool Description: This organizational tool for grades K-12 uses the plot diagram pyramid to map events in a story.  You can choose beginning, middle, and end for younger learners or exposition, climax, and resolution for older learners.  The mapping tool allows readers to recreate a story you have taught in class, or writers to map out the ideas for an original piece. 

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