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Title: Let's learn to spell!
Digital Tool: Spelling City
Digital Tool Description: This digital tool turns vocabulary lists into fun learning activities. Students can learn to spell while helping a mouse search for a piece of cheese, completing crossword puzzles, or taking a practice test. This tool motivates students to keep studying vocabulary words.

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Title: Crawling with Words
Digital Tool: Read Write Think Word Wizard
Digital Tool Description: Students start by choosing puzzles based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They are then prompted to use clues to identify words from a list of scrambled letters. The final clue is based on an event or theme from their chosen book, which supports story comprehension and makes the activity meaningful and fun.

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Title: Let's Dance to Phonics!
Digital Tool: YouTube Video
Digital Tool Description: The phonics dance interactive video introduces students to letter combination sounds also known as "hunking" and "chunking" all while dancing to the rhythm of letter sounds.

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