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Subject: Technology Education (K - 2), English Language Arts (2), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2)
Title: Word Cloud
Description: Tagxedo is a tool for generating word clouds from user provided text. The clouds allows you to emphasize words by altering their text size. You can create your clouds with different fonts, layouts, themes, and color schemes. You have the freedom to create different cloud shapes, such as animals Once complete, you can save, share with others electronically or print. This site could be used at the end of a lesson adjectives. Assign students to select a word cloud shape from Tagxedo and fill in with adjectives to describe that shape. For example if the student chooses the elephant, they would use words like enormous, large, big, grey, huge, smart, hungry, loud, slow, thirsty, intelligent, etc.

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Subject: English Language Arts (K - 3), Technology Education (K - 5), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (K - 3)
Title: Parts of Speech
Description: This educational app is a Mad libs type story creation game to reinforce parts of speech knowledge. 

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Subject: English Language Arts (2), Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Poppin' Procedural Text
Description: Prezi is an online program used to produce professional quality presentations. The students will use Prezi to create a presentation for an overview of their original procedural text. Using Prezi as a medium to display or present the procedural text helps to address technology standards as well as writing and language standards. 

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