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Subject: English Language Arts (1 - 3)
Title: Introduction to Cursive Handwriting from Smart Exchange
Description: Smartboard presentation of each letter.  You do not have to have a smartboard to use this tool.  Can be projected on a white board for students to trace on the board.  Teaches each letter as a group based on shape and then each individual letter.  

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Subject: English Language Arts (2)
Title: Tour Spelling City
Description: This interactive website should be used after the class spelling words have been introduced to the students. The interactive can be used to enhance the students’ knowledge of their spelling words through word descriptions, games, and a test.

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Subject: Technology Education (K - 2), English Language Arts (2), Social Studies (K - 2), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2)
Title: Aboard the Mayflower
Description: This interactive website allows students to relive part of the journey to America on board of the Mayflower. The website provides pictures and details concerning hardships that were faced in and outside the vessel. Students can also tour the ship and locate up to 7 rooms the Mayflower offered.

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