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Title: Educreating and Recreating: A Setting In A Story
Digital Tool: Educreations
Digital Tool Description: Educreations allows you to create and record lessons for students to view independently.  In addition, it provides students with a creative media they can use to prepare presentations for their teachers and peers. It is easy to use, so it makes a great tool for assessing student knowledge. Students can create projects that apply to every level of Bloom's Taxonomy verbally and through illustrations. This is a free application available on iPad and iPhone.

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Title: Illustrating Favorite Events with Doodle Splash
Digital Tool: Doodle Splash
Digital Tool Description: Doodle Splash teaches students to visualize what they are reading and to create graphic symbols to help them develop as readers. Doodle Splash interactive allows students to make connections between their visual designs and the text. (Description provided by Doodle Splash)

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Title: Interactive Plot Diagram
Digital Tool: Plot Diagram
Digital Tool Description: This organizational tool for grades K-12 uses the plot diagram pyramid to map events in a story.  You can choose beginning, middle, and end for younger learners or exposition, climax, and resolution for older learners.  The mapping tool allows readers to recreate a story you have taught in class, or writers to map out the ideas for an original piece. 

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