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   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] THEA (3) 4 :
4) Participate in methods of investigation to devise original ideas for a drama/theatre work.

Example: Interview a grandparent to create a monologue from the perspective of someone born in another time period.

[ELA2015] (3) 38 :
38 ) Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. [L.3.2]

a. Capitalize appropriate words in titles. [L.3.2a]

b. Use commas in addresses. [L.3.2b]

c. Use commas and quotation marks in dialogue. [L.3.2c]

d. Form and use possessives. [L.3.2d]

e. Use conventional spelling for high-frequency and other studied words and for adding suffixes to base words (e.g., sitting, smiled, cries, happiness). [L.3.2e]

f. Use spelling patterns and generalizations (e.g., word families, position-based spellings, syllable patterns, ending rules, meaningful word parts) in writing words. [L.3.2f]

g. Write legibily in cursive. (Alabama)

h. Consult reference materials, including beginning dictionaries, as needed to check and correct spellings. [L.3.2g]

Subject: Arts Education (3), English Language Arts (3)
Title: Talking Pictures

Students will use a piece of visual art to write original dialogue.

This activity was created as a result of the Arts COS Resource Development Summit.

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