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Title: You're a Poet, and You Know It!
Digital Tool: Poetry Idea Engine
Digital Tool Description: This tool provides assistance with creating haikus, cinquains, limericks, and free verse poetry.

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Title: Similes and Metaphors
Digital Tool: Haiku Deck app
Digital Tool Description: Haiku Deck allows students to create a photo slide show. Its search feature automatically searches for Creative Commons images that students can use. Students can share their slide shows without having to use an email address.

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Title: Acrostics: Poetry Fun
Digital Tool: ReadWriteThink
Digital Tool Description: Read Write Think is a website that focuses on student achievement using a variety of interactives for students in the subjects of English language arts. ReadWriteThink is a safe and approved website that hosts games and activities linked to standards that students must meet. The interactive games are easy and quick to access.

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Title: Acrostic Poems
Digital Tool: Acrostic Poem Generator
Digital Tool Description: This program defines an acrostic poem and its components.  It allows the student to create one of their own while guiding them through the simple process. It begins with a topic chosen by the student, then some brainstorming of words or phrases relating to the topic, and finally it asks for the appropriate words or phrases that correspond with the letters of the topic word.  Once this is complete, the program arranges the poem on a page for the student.

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