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Title: Breaking the Glyphics Code
Digital Tool: Explore a Pyramid
Digital Tool Description: Explore a Pyramid is an interactive tool. Students are able to visit a pyramid and explore different chambers.  One function is to locate hidden hieroglyphics. Students will manipulate the map to place the hieroglyphics in order and make a new discovery. A robot is used to explore the pyramid.  The computer mouse controls the light on the robot to view each chamber of the pyramid. 

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Title: Animate Yourself! Using Tellagami to Present Research Findings
Digital Tool: Tellagami
Digital Tool Description: Tellagami is an online learning resource and iPad or Google app that lets the user create and share a quick animated message. Students will customize a character, choose a setting, record their voice or type a message for their character to say, save it, and share it with the world!

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Title: I Covered It!
Digital Tool: Book Cover Creator
Digital Tool Description: Students can use this tool after they have read a book within a small group.  They will create a book cover depicting their own interpretation of the main idea and create illustrations that they believe represent the book.  Students will have the option to use different formats, depending on their preference of front/back/side covers.  Students can print their covers and share them within their small groups.  This way, students can hear different views and thoughts on one story.  

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Title: Acrostic Poems
Digital Tool: Acrostic Poem Generator
Digital Tool Description: This program defines an acrostic poem and its components.  It allows the student to create one of their own while guiding them through the simple process. It begins with a topic chosen by the student, then some brainstorming of words or phrases relating to the topic, and finally it asks for the appropriate words or phrases that correspond with the letters of the topic word.  Once this is complete, the program arranges the poem on a page for the student.

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Title: Birmingham was Bombed
Digital Tool: Wonderopolis- Write a TV Script
Digital Tool Description: Wonderopolis is a tool for engaging students using wonder about the world around them. Daily "wonders" create exploratory learning. The "How Do You Write a TV Script" wonder will be used to help students as they prepare to write their own mock newscast based on the event of the Birmingham Sixteenth Street Church bombing in 1963, as read about in the novel by Christopher Paul Curtis, The Watsons go to Birmingham, 1963. After reading the novel and exploring information about life in the 1960s, students will imagine what a news report from that day would have looked like. They will view this resource to understand the important components of a script before getting into small groups to write their own newscasts. The teacher will combine the scripts and students will create a short film either independently or with teacher assistance and present their newscast during Black History Month. 

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