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Title: Digital Breakout Safari for Grades 3-5
Digital Tool: Google Sites/ Digital Breakout Edu
Digital Tool Description: This Digital Breakout is a perfect way to enhance a unit of study with animals standards for grades 3-5. It can be used before or after a unit a study or field trip to the Birmingham Zoo. Students will work creatively and collaboratively to solve academic puzzles to unlock an answer. Academic puzzles are centered around a variety of Course of Study standards that engage students through the Breakout process. This activity can be done as a whole group for students that are not familiar with the Digital Breakout process. This activity can be done in small groups grades 2-5 in small groups for students that are familiar with the Digital Breakout process.   This Learning Activity was created in partnership with the Birmingham Zoo. 

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Title: Setting the Stage
Digital Tool:
Digital Tool Description: SpiderScribe is an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps. You can collaborate and share those maps online.

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Title: Birmingham was Bombed
Digital Tool: Wonderopolis- Write a TV Script
Digital Tool Description: Wonderopolis is a tool for engaging students using wonder about the world around them. Daily "wonders" create exploratory learning. The "How Do You Write a TV Script" wonder will be used to help students as they prepare to write their own mock newscast based on the event of the Birmingham Sixteenth Street Church bombing in 1963, as read about in the novel by Christopher Paul Curtis, The Watsons go to Birmingham, 1963. After reading the novel and exploring information about life in the 1960s, students will imagine what a news report from that day would have looked like. They will view this resource to understand the important components of a script before getting into small groups to write their own newscasts. The teacher will combine the scripts and students will create a short film either independently or with teacher assistance and present their newscast during Black History Month. 

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Title: Who's who in Alabama history?
Digital Tool: BioCube graphic organizer
Digital Tool Description: The BioCube graphic organizer contains questions that can be used to guide students as they research information about influential Alabamians.

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Title: Penguin Dialogue: Learning to Use Dialogue Tags
Digital Tool: Penguin Dialogue Video
Digital Tool Description: The Read Write Think Lesson could be used to teach the concepts of dialogue tags. There is a dialogue tag interactive that helps explain the concepts. The penguin video could be used as an extension to this lesson or help teach a collaborative lesson on dialogue tags. Students could pair up and watch the video without the sound. Instruct students to imagine what the penguins are saying to each other. Then turn the sound up and play the video. Ask students, "Did you predict what the penguins were saying to each other?" As a class activity on a board, have the students help find and write the dialogue using dialogue tags. (Examples include Sally shouted, Sue cried, etc.) Students could then pair up or get in groups of four to write a script and record a new movie using the penguins clip.

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