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Title: Steps in the writing process
Digital Tool: Werdsmith
Digital Tool Description: Werdsmith turns our iPad, iPhone, or iPod into a portable writing studio.   Werdsmith helps you organize ideas and thoughts, write and share.

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Title: Want to become a published Author?
Digital Tool: Story Jumper
Digital Tool Description: Create illustrated books with super easy tools. Publish your own hardcover or paperback books. Promote them to our worldwide audience.    

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Title: Brainstorming Ideas for a Narrative Story
Digital Tool: Animation Chefs
Digital Tool Description: Animation Chefs are 3 young men who demonstrate podcasting and animation.  They are inspirational and motivational to students, plus they provide a model for how to successfully create a movie from start to finish. In this learning asset students will view one specific lesson on establishing character, setting and problem for a narrative story.

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Title: Create Your Own Animation with Drawing Cartoons!
Digital Tool: Drawing Cartoons
Digital Tool Description: Drawing Cartoons is a story-telling tool and animation app for Android devices. This app is an animation editor that allows you to easily create your own movies. All you have to do is create the key frames and the app fills in the missing slides to create a smooth animation! Students can use this tool to re-tell or summarize a story, or to create their own story. The students will be engaged and motivated because the app is fun and easy to use and they can share their animations with their friends.

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