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Subject: Arts Education (5), English Language Arts (5)
Title: Identifying and Choosing a Message in Media Arts
Description: Students will use critical and creative thinking to generate many, varied, and unusual ideas for a media arts product through synthesis, using personal experience and/or the work of others. This is the second activity in a series of four to meet Media Arts Standard 5.1: Using Productive Thinking in Media Arts Identifying and Choosing a Message in Media Arts Cracking the Secret Code in Media Arts Storyboarding in Media Arts This activity was created as a result of the Arts COS Resource Development Summit.

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Subject: English Language Arts (5)
Title: Brainstorming Ideas for a Narrative Story
Description: Animation Chefs are 3 young men who demonstrate podcasting and animation.  They are inspirational and motivational to students, plus they provide a model for how to successfully create a movie from start to finish. In this learning asset students will view one specific lesson on establishing character, setting and problem for a narrative story.

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