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Title: Artificial Intelligence: What Is It and Where Is It?
Digital Tool:
Digital Tool Description: In this activity, students will explore Artificial Intelligence, develop their own definitions for what AI is, and share examples with their classmates via  This activity was created as a result of the DLCS COS Resource Development Summit.

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Title: Biography Blips
Digital Tool: Bio Cube
Digital Tool Description: After reading a biography or autobiography, the student can use this digital tool to summarize the main ideas of the person's life. The Bio Cube limits their information to what will fit on six sides of a small cube. The activity helps children learn how to identify and summarize key ideas.

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Title: Become a Sailor in the 19th Century
Digital Tool: A Sailor's Life for Me- Interactive Game
Digital Tool Description: A Sailor's Life for Me is an interactive game to help teach students what life was like aboard a 19th century sailing ship.  Students must answer a series of questions to see if they could be sailors, they must purchase their clothing, and survive the voyage.

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