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Title: Literacy Strategies in the Science Classroom: Collaborative Jigsaw Research
Digital Tool: ReadWriteThink Strategy Guide: Using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique
Digital Tool Description: This strategy guide will provide teachers with the background knowledge needed to implement the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique in their classroom. The digital tool explains the research basis of this technique, provides tips for integrating this strategy in the classroom and offers links to related resources. 

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Title: Let's Take a Trip to Asia!
Digital Tool: Evernote
Digital Tool Description: Evernote is a website that users can save, organize, and share data through self-created notes and notebooks. For this learning asset, the students will be utilizing the shared notebooks part of the account. Each student will be able to shared their own research with their group to collaborate together to create the travel brochure. 

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Title: Research Crossword Puzzle
Digital Tool: Symbaloo
Digital Tool Description: Symbaloo is a personal desktop that allows one to keep all of his or her favorite sites in one, easy to use space. Students will use their personal symbaloo account to direct them to research sites to find answers to the questions to the puzzle.

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Title: Persuade to the Beat!
Digital Tool: Persuasive Writing video- YouTube
Digital Tool Description: YouTube is a video resource found on the Internet that can be very helpful when introducing a concept, or pulling a concept together at the end of your lesson such as this one on persuasive writing.  

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Title: Research Tool
Digital Tool: Sweet Search
Digital Tool Description: Sweet Search is an Internet search engine that allows students to search for topics and find information that has been evaluated by experts.

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