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Subject: English Language Arts (6), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (6)
Title: Out of My Mind: Learning About the Impact of Assistive Technologies Through Literature
Description: In conjunction with reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, students will explore the world of assistive technologies and how they are impacting our world today. Students will begin by using and create a piece of word art to show their understanding of the main character in the book. They will then explore how assistive technologies influenced our understanding of the main character through reading an informational article about assistive technologies.  This activity was created as a result of the DLCS COS Resource Development Summit.

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Subject: Science (6), English Language Arts (6)
Title: Literacy Strategies in the Science Classroom: Collaborative Jigsaw Research
Description: This strategy guide will provide teachers with the background knowledge needed to implement the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique in their classroom. The digital tool explains the research basis of this technique, provides tips for integrating this strategy in the classroom and offers links to related resources. 

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Subject: English Language Arts (6)
Title: Persuade to the Beat!
Description: YouTube is a video resource found on the Internet that can be very helpful when introducing a concept, or pulling a concept together at the end of your lesson such as this one on persuasive writing.  

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