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Title: Building Everlasting Relationships:Practicing Subject-Verb Agreement
Digital Tool: Verb Agreement Treasure Hunt Game
Digital Tool Description: This game allows students to have an opportunity actually practicing making subjects and verbs agree. The added bonus of the treasure hunts makes the process of learning subject-verb agreement exciting. In the game, students are awarded points by getting the verbs to correctly agree with the subjects. There are three levels: 1) Spot the subject of the sentence 2) Choose the right verb form 3) Re-write the sentence with the correct verb. Once students have answered the question correctly, they will have an opportunity to hunt for treasure. If  a student chooses an "X" three times, the game will send them back to the questions. If a student hits a skull and crossbones, regardless of how many times they've hit an X, they will return to the questions.

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Title: Quick Grammar Review
Digital Tool: Brain Pop
Digital Tool Description: Through entertaining videos and interactive games, students are able to review elements of grammar including parts of speech.  While some content is provided free,much of the site requires a subscription.

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Title: Persuade to the Beat!
Digital Tool: Persuasive Writing video- YouTube
Digital Tool Description: YouTube is a video resource found on the Internet that can be very helpful when introducing a concept, or pulling a concept together at the end of your lesson such as this one on persuasive writing.  

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