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Title: Interactive Essay Writing
Digital Tool: Essay Map
Digital Tool Description: This interactive graphic organizer aids students in writing expository essays. It takes them through the process of organizing ideas and developing an outline that includes an introduction, body paragraphs that include supporting details, and a conclusion. The finished essay map can be e-mailed or printed for further analysis or revision.

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Title: The Blind Side: Expository Writing
Digital Tool: The Blind Side video clip
Digital Tool Description: This video clip is from the movie The Blind Side. This clip shows the main character, Michael, attempting to submit an analytical response/essay on a reading if his choice, "Charge of the Light Brigade." This clip shows his ability to think through a text and previews the "mental" writing process. It is a great introduction activity to work to set a purpose for a lesson and show the importance of being able to write these types of texts, as Michael's future depends on the success of this last writing assignment.

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Title: The Ease of Essay Writing
Digital Tool: Popplet App
Digital Tool Description: The Popplet app will be used to design an outline using a graphic organizer.  An outline allows students to organizer their thoughts before going into the writing process. 

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