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Title: Analyzing Poems with Google Forms
Digital Tool: Google Form
Digital Tool Description: Google forms allows a teacher to create a digital form for students to use during or after an assignment.

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Title: A Christmas Carol
Digital Tool: Sock Puppets
Digital Tool Description: Sock puppets is an app that students can use to present their voice with the annimation of sock puppets. It is a great tool for students who are shy, or not confident when presenting in front of a class.

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Title: Tell-Tale Heart
Digital Tool: Animoto App
Digital Tool Description: Animoto is a FREE video-building tool that incorporates the use of pictures, music and text.  Animoto will be used by the students so that the students can clearly explain their feelings about whether the narrator was mad.

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Title: The Outsiders Novel Trailer
Digital Tool: Video: S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders-Book Trailer
Digital Tool Description: This YouTube video introduces The Outsiders, a novel by S.E. Hinton.  It uses audio from an interview with the author to introduce the social themes of the novel.

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Title: Interactive Plot Diagram
Digital Tool: Plot Diagram
Digital Tool Description: This organizational tool for grades K-12 uses the plot diagram pyramid to map events in a story.  You can choose beginning, middle, and end for younger learners or exposition, climax, and resolution for older learners.  The mapping tool allows readers to recreate a story you have taught in class, or writers to map out the ideas for an original piece. 

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