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Title: Analyzing Poems with Google Forms
Digital Tool: Google Form
Digital Tool Description: Google forms allows a teacher to create a digital form for students to use during or after an assignment.

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Title: Delve Deeper Into Literary Characters through Acrostics
Digital Tool: Acrostic Creator in Read/Write/Think
Digital Tool Description: This online interactive resource guides students toward identifying the characteristics of a character in a literary work and then assists them toward rewording the characteristics in the form of an acrostic.

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Title: Trading Knowledge with Character Cards!
Digital Tool: Character Trading Cards
Digital Tool Description: The Character Trading Cards interactive from ReadWriteThink allows students to create trading cards for characters in any reading selection. The interactive tool features questions about a character’s appearance, personality, thoughts, feelings, conflicts, and actions. Additionally, students are encouraged to make personal connections to the character in the last section of the trading card. (A planning sheet is available to print for planning purposes before the students use the online tool.)

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