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Title: Fact and Opinion Interactive Game
Digital Tool: PBS Arthur Facts & Opinions Game
Digital Tool Description: This game encompasses a mini-lesson on facts and opinions, and then students are able to play an interactive game to assess their knowledge.  Great way to introduce facts and opinions.

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Title: Musical Metaphors and Similes
Digital Tool: Metaphor and Simile Video
Digital Tool Description: This video can be used in a variety of ways with multiple grade levels to teach metaphors and similes.  

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Title: Odysseus: Epic Hero, Epic Journey
Digital Tool: Hero's Journey
Digital Tool Description: Using this interactive from Read Write Think, students will be able to chart details about Odysseus's journey that are unique to epic heroes. Categories include: name and description of hero, unusual birth, the call to adventure, the supernatural helper, talisman/special weapon, crossing the threshold, trials, achievement of goal, and reconciliation with a father figure.

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