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Title: Ready, Set, Search! with Creative Commons: The free to use, free to share way to search
Digital Tool: Creative Commons Search
Digital Tool Description: Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.  The Creative Commons Search allows students (and teachers) to query digital content that is free to share, use, and remix. (Description from

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Title: Create Mega-Sized Posters to Display Mega Learning
Digital Tool: Block poster maker
Digital Tool Description: The Blockposters website allows individual or groups of students to create and upload content to visually illustrate their comprehension in virtually any content area.

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Title: Multimedia Storytelling
Digital Tool: Meograph
Digital Tool Description: Meograph is a multimedia storytelling web tool that enables users to create stories in chronological order while incorporating maps, video clips, music, pictures, etc. Students can create original stories or summarize texts from class while researching places, images, videos, etc as supplemental materials.  Students may also type text into the presentation or record their own voice narration over the presentation.

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Title: Blogging About Heroes
Digital Tool: Kid Blog
Digital Tool Description: Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students safely navigate the digital – and increasingly social – online landscape. Kidblog allows students to exercise digital citizenship within a secure, private classroom blogging space.  

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Title: Postcards From The Moonlight
Digital Tool: Postcard Creator
Digital Tool Description: The Postcard Creator allows students to identify the elements of a traditional postcard, compose and/or summarize content material, edit, and publish/print individual postcards. After editing and printing, students may illustrate the front of the postcard to reflect subject matter/events described in the postcard message.Postcard creator also features planning sheets/templates that may be utilized by students in the initial planning phases of the lesson.

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