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Title: Shakespeare: English Comedic Icon
Digital Tool: ThingLink
Digital Tool Description: Allows a user to add content to images. For example, a student could display a map of Washington, D.C. and add a video explaining how a bill becomes a law over the Capitol building. And it’s easy. The user just clicks a spot on the image and adds text, a link to a website, or an embed code for video. It’s a quick and easy way to make a project more dynamic and interactive.  The Basic Educator account is free and allows basic tagging tools, easy addition of students, teacher-generated user names and passwords, unlimited number of students allowed.  Students may also log in using Google Apps for Education accounts.

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Title: Google in the Classroom: How to get the most out of Google Search
Digital Tool: A Google A Day
Digital Tool Description: A Google A Day is an interactive search game developed by Google to enhance the user's ability to use a search engine effectively and accurately. This tool will be used as a learning asset in the form of a Bellringer to focus students at the beginning of class on the larger lesson plan's purpose and goals, as well as to help students evaluate their own progress towards those goals. This activity will be particularly effective when used as a Bellringer for the lesson: Google in the Classroom: How to get the most out of Google Search.

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