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11 ) Identify symbols, customs, famous individuals, and celebrations representative of our state and nation. (Alabama)

Examples: symbols—United States flag, Alabama flag, bald eagle (Alabama)

customs—pledging allegiance to the United States flag, singing "The Star-Spangled Banner"

individuals—George Washington; Abraham Lincoln; Squanto; Martin Luther King, Jr.

celebrations—Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day

[DLIT] (0) 14 :
8) Present information from a variety of digital resources.

[DLIT] (0) 16 :
10) Collect data and organize it in a chart or graph collaboratively.

Subject: Social Studies (K), Digital Literacy and Computer Science (K)
Title: Proud to be an American

Popplet is a tool for creating digital graphic organizers. Research tells us that students can only process about 5-9 bits of information at a time.  Graphic organizers help our students chunk large amounts of information into more manageable pieces for processing.  

In this learning asset, Popplet will be used in the closing activity to help students organize symbols of our nation.   

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