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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] LWT1 (1) 8 :
8 ) Identify land masses, bodies of water, and other physical features on maps and globes.

•  Explaining the use of cardinal directions and the compass rose
•  Measuring distance using nonstandard units
Example: measuring with pencils, strings, hands, feet

•  Using vocabulary associated with geographical features, including river, lake, ocean, and mountain
[SS2010] LWT2 (2) 6 :
6 ) Identify states, continents, oceans, and the equator using maps, globes, and technology.

•  Identifying map elements, including title, legend, compass rose, and scale
•  Identifying the intermediate directions of northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest
•  Recognizing technological resources such as a virtual globe, satellite images, and radar
•  Locating points on a grid
Subject: Social Studies (1 - 2)
Title: Where are you going?

In this learning activity, students will watch a video with music and dancing to teach the different cardinal directions on a compass.  Students can interact and move with the video.  

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