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Title: Remind Me!
Digital Tool: Remind
Digital Tool Description: Remind is an easy communication service that allows teachers to send mass text messages to students and parents to remind them of upcoming events, projects, homework assignments and to alert them of any information or updates. This management tool can also be used as a learning asset to engage students by sending photos, quotes or simple clues of an upcoming social studies lesson on a historical figure.

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Title: A Glimpse Back in Time
Digital Tool: SchoolTube
Digital Tool Description: SchoolTube can be used to teach brief glimpses into History.  This website allows the students to create and post their own teacher approved videos in a safe environment.  The already posted videos can also be used to provide examples for the students before they begin their own videos.

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Title: What is the significance?
Digital Tool: Animoto
Digital Tool Description: Animoto is a digital tool that allows students to take videos and pictures and mesh them together to create an overall video. There are multiple tools available to help students enhance their video.

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