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Title: Introducing the Seven Continents
Digital Tool: The Seven Continents Song
Digital Tool Description: The video identifies and illustrates the seven continents of the world, while introducing their relative location.

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Title: Where in the World?
Digital Tool: Smore
Digital Tool Description: Smore is a service for creating webpages, brochures, and online flyers. There are many design and content options. Students can add elements like images, videos, sounds, events, and locations to their pages by simply dragging them and dropping them on the page. Students will be assigned different countries and make brochures about them using Smore. They will be required to have images of their assigned countries’ national flags, historical figures, and leaders. They will also be required to have national anthem background music and a short informative video about their countries. Their brochures will share what continent the country is on, what major oceans surround it, and what native language is spoken.

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Title: Where are you going?
Digital Tool: Cardinal Directions Video
Digital Tool Description: The Cardinal Direction video can be used to teach the different directions on a compass. The video has music and dancing that would be fun for the students to interact and move with the video. The video can be used to hook the students at the beginning of the lesson or at the end as an overview.

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