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3 ) Explain the social, political, and economic impact of the War of 1812, including battles and significant leaders of the Creek War, on Alabama.

Examples: social—adoption of European culture by American Indians, opening of Alabama land for settlement

political—forced relocation of American Indians, labeling of Andrew Jackson as a hero and propelling him toward Presidency

economic—acquisition of tribal land in Alabama by the United States

•  Explaining the impact of the Trail of Tears on Alabama American Indians' lives, rights, and territories
Subject: Social Studies (4)
Title: Trail of Tears in American History

In this learning activity, students will watch a video from the National Park Service about the Trail of Tears.  This video can be used as an introduction to the study of the Trail of Tears. It will provide students with a connection to how the Native Americans must have felt during the Cherokee Indian removal when the Native Americans were forced to move westward from the Southeastern United States.

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