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Title: Native Americans, Europeans, and Students Quizzing Students
Digital Tool: gFlash+
Digital Tool Description: The tool gFlash+ allows the creation of electronic flashcards as well as the ability to access quizzes and tests from the created flashcards. These flascards can be shared among users so students will have the ability to view fellow classmates' notecards. A great way for students to learn is by aiding others, this application grants the way for this to be possible. Students can quiz one another with the flashcards they have created or the quizzes within the apllication itself. There is an old saying that states that "Practice makes perfect" and the use of gFlash+ supports this saying. Not only do students practice new content by reviewing the note cards but by creating them.

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Title: Trail of Tears in American History
Digital Tool: National Park Service DVD of Trail of Tears
Digital Tool Description: This video can be used as an introduction into the study of the Trail of Tears. It will provide students with a connection to how the Native Americans must have felt during the Cherokee Indian removal when the Native Americans were forced to move westward from Southeastern United States.

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