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Title: Mounting Tension
Digital Tool: Padlet
Digital Tool Description: Padlet is a website that you can use to engage students in a discussion about the events leading up to the American Revolutionary War. This tool allows students to discuss in greater depth, events leading up to the American Revolution. The students will be placed in small groups. Each group will be given a single event that led to the American Revolution. The groups will find facts about their assigned event and post them to the Padlet “wall”. They must find facts that are important to the event they are given. The groups must also find an extra fact of importance that was not discussed in the previous lesson. The group will discuss why they think their event pushed colonists toward the Revolutionary War.

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Title: Put Yourself in Their Shoes
Digital Tool: Mission US: Think Fast! About the Past App for iPad
Digital Tool Description: This trip lets your students take a step back into a time in history when our nation faced big changes.   Students will be able to complete two missions using this great app.  One mission lets them explore life as an apprentice during the time of the American Revolution.  The other mission allows them to take part in helping to free a slave via the Underground Railroad. In this app, students are in a race against time.  They are given a limit of 5 minutes to answer a certain number of questions correctly in order to complete the challenge.   This app would be a great extension activity to use after teaching the lesson plan, "Yo! The Slaves Have Gotta Go."

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Title: A Blast from the Past with Time Lining
Digital Tool: Interactive Timeline
Digital Tool Description: This interactive timeline is a great way for students to be able to organize any past events, stories or memories. They are given the choice of how they want it organized either by date, event, years, and time of day, or really any other kind of measurement they want. 

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Title: Create Comic Relief about Revolutionary War Heroes
Digital Tool: ToonDoo
Digital Tool Description: ToonDoo is a digital comic creator that allows you to add backgrounds, characters, props and speech bubbles. You can tell a story through pictures.

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