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Title: Free at last, free at last! : Slavery during the Civil War
Digital Tool: The Underground Railroad
Digital Tool Description: This interactive website allows the students in your class to follow Harriet Tubman through her journey of the Underground Railroad and her escape to freedom. It also allows you to find out different important facts about the places she went through such as Camden, Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Title: Causes of the Civil War
Digital Tool: Xtranormal Video
Digital Tool Description: The Xtranormal video depicts a discussion about the causes of the U.S. Civil War between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Both presidents are represented by cartoon avatars that resemble each president. **Because the video is from YouTube, instructions for how to address potential school site Internet blockages are listed in the "Advanced Preparation" section of this page.

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Title: Flight to Freedom: the Underground Railroad
Digital Tool: Mission US 2: Flight to Freedom role-playing game
Digital Tool Description: Mission US provides an interactive role-playing game that is available for streaming or download. The game to be used is Mission 2: "Flight to Freedom". The player assumes the role of a slave and journeys to freedom via the Underground Railroad. The player makes choices, has conversations with characters, and learns about life on a Southern plantation and the struggle for freedom for slaves.

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